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Mama Did is quality longarm quilting, T-Shirt quilts and custom quilt designs. Only quality products are used, along with expert design and lots of love. 

Why Mama Did- Because Mama tried and Mama did.  Being a mom is an

important part of my identity. It is the most challenging thing I've done but also

the most rewarding. I love that my kids see me work on my own business

and pursue my passion. Mama Did is open to everyone, not just mamas.

Quilting brings joy to many and I love being part of that .

Established in 2013 as AM Quilts, now named Mama Did LLC.  

Amy Mikeska

Owner, creator, quilter and cleaner-upper at Mama Did.

Amy grew up the daughter of a prolific quilter but the quilting bug didn't get her until later in life. After a beginning quilt-making class in 2010, she was hooked. She fell in love with the process of making a quilt top. But then, oh but then, she tried free-motion quilting- and was a goner! It's her favorite part of making a quilt. Now with her trusty Innova longarm she can't wait to share the joy of quilting with others.

Amy received her BFA in Illustration and Fine Arts from from Pratt Institute.  She has been lucky enough to take quilting classes with many nationally renowned teachers, including: Bethanne Nemesh, Jamie Wallen, Linda Hrcka, Sue Patten, Dusty Farrell, Linda Taylor, Irena Bluhm, Kim Brunner, Hollis Chatelain, Susie Monday and many, many others.


Ms Jolene has moved on to another quilter. I wish I had room for two but I know she's getting lots of love and use.

Meet Jolene, also known as Ms Jojo.  This lovely lady is an 18" throat Innova longarm machine.The second she came home all I could think of was Dolly Parton's Jolene and my husband singing that song to my machine. I knew I would be spending as much time as possible with her.


I am pleased to introduce Dolly- a 32" computerized Innova longarm. With a larger throat space and thousands of edge-to-edge designs at my finger tips, the options are limitless. She brings even more quilting options to Mama Did. I am so excited to learn everything she can do!

She is named after Dolly Parton, the queen mama jama herself. I have so much respect for Dolly. I hope to have a career as long and successful as hers. 

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Yes, you will occasionally see these monkeys about. Let's call them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Being a Mama is a huge part of who I am. These little monkeys have been part of my business since it started.  I started my quilting business 4 months pregnant with my oldest. They learned to walk holding onto the longarm table.  I do this for them.

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