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Longarm Quilting

What-arm quilting?

Just like its name suggests, longarm quilting uses a longarm quilting machine. These machines have a larger arm space (also called throat space), than a sitdown home machine. 

The quilt top, batting and back are attached into a metal frame. The sewing machine moves over and sews all three layers at once. Quilting on a longarm saves time and sanity.


The quilting design is repeated to cover the entire quilt, from edge-to-edge. Also called allover quilting or pantograph.

Custom designs adorn each block, without the denser fillers of full custom quilting. The sashing and borders also receive customized designs.


A unique design will enhance your quilt top.  Stitch-in-the-ditch, denser fillers and intricate patterns are used through out.


calculating square inches of your quilt top

quilt top to measure.png



* calculator is a tool that provides an estimate of quilt costs, not guaranteed cost.

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