Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Edge-to-edge quilting is the perfect option for bed quilts, kids' quilts and any quilt that will get lots of use. The quilting design will be repeated to cover the entire quilt "from edge-to-edge". Edge-to-edge is a wonderful and economical choice.

Turnaround time is quick for an edge-to-edge quilt, between 10 – 30 days.


Pricing for edge-to-edge quilting ranges from $0.02- $0.03 per square inch.

Design Gallery

Standard Designs

$0.025 per square inch

Any Which Way- UE
Aqua- UE
Argyle- UE
Banana Leaves- UE
Banana Swirls- UE
Bauhaus- UE
Bayside- UE
Beaded Curtain- UE
Becker's Fern- UE
Belly Bop- UE
Billowy- UE
Bluster- UE
Bolero- UE
Bora Bora- UE
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Premium Designs

$0.03 per square inch

3leafclover e2e
Abstract Rose- UE
Ace (Tennis)- UE
Along Came A Spider- UE
All Leaf Simple- SD
Allium- UE
Alouette- UE
Alphabet Soup #1- UE
Alphabet Soup #3- UE
American Beauty- UE
Amore- UE
Anchors Aweigh- UE
Angel's Trumpet- UE
Animal Crackers Elephant- UE
Animal Crackers Lion- UE
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DeDeluxe Designs

$0.035 per square inch

Agave- UE
Amy Butler Dahlia- SD
Angel Baby- SD
Apple Core 1- SD
Asian Asters- UE
Asian Pano 001- SD
Aussie Baby- SD
Baa Baa pano 001
Baby Laundry
Bamboo pano- SD
Baptist Fan Imitator- SD
Big Boy's Toys
Birthday Flowers
Blooms Bday
Boys Toys- SD
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